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Anaerobic digestion (AD) is the breakdown of organic material by micro-organisms in the absence of oxygen. The AD process produces biogas, biomethane, and a biofertiliser, rich in nutrients.

The AD market in the UK is growing rapidly, and we believe that AD is set to play a key role in the UK’s renewable energy mix and impact the UK’s Net Zero targets.

Our AD plants treat food waste and agricultural feedstock.

AD provides the ideal circular solution to the issue of food waste. The UK produces over 10 million tonnes of food waste annually, only 20% of which is recycled, the remaining goes to Landfill and recovery, which involves incineration.

Graphic showing foodwaste and agristock Circular economy

Formed in 2018 by Equitix and Helios Energy Investments, Bio Capital have become the largest biogas producer in the UK by MWh in a relatively short period.

Bio Capital owns and Operates a diverse and growing portfolio of anaerobic digestion (AD) plants across the UK, Bio Capital invests in both operational and greenfield assets, including gas-to-grid and electricity generation facilities, low carbon vehicle fuel, sustainable biofertiliser and compost.

AD and biogas have the potential to play a crucial role in the UK’s energy independence and security journey. Bio Capital is proud to be making a significant contribution to the green economy, providing green jobs, reducing emissions and protecting our environment.

Annually, Bio Capital can currently:

Generate up to


of renewable energy

Process up to

k T

of food waste

Process up to

k T

of agri-feedstock


Bio Capital exemplifies the circular economy in action today. We work in true partnership with our customers to transform waste into real-world carbon savings and to provide a range of nature positive products and services.

Full Circle Fuelling –
customer food waste is transformed in to biomethane gas fuelling its own collection and other low carbon, customer vehicles.

Biofertiliser and
Compost -

we support UK agriculture and food industries by providing an a sustainable alternative to carbon intensive chemicals fertilisers.

Partnership -
we offer bespoke partnerships to suit our customer’s needs, tailoring to their company sustainability objectives.

the Gas Grid

renewable, low carbon, biomethane gas is injected to the national grid, providing power and heat for local homes/businesses.

Food Waste Recycling -
we operate to the highest H&S, Environmental and Quality standards in the industry, offering a responsible and transparent service.

Track Carbon Savings -
we provide comprehensive CO2e savings reports to assist your environmental reporting.

Our growing locations offer a UK-Wide network & coverage. We are committed to adding value through constant improvement and innovation, for our customers and the UK’s Net Zero goals.

Tom Bateson, Bio Capital Group Head of SHEQ
Bio Capital is delighted to announce that East London Biogas (ELBL) has won a tender to process 50,000 tonnes of local food waste in 2023.
Gas grids in Northern Ireland will see the injection of biomethane, a 100% renewable fuel, into the SGN Natural Gas network this year.
Did you know that recycling just one tea bag a day for a month can produce enough energy to make another five cups?
East London Biogas Ltd (ELBL) is a state-of-the-art organic waste AD facility.
Three further Bio Capital plants have achieved certification under the Anaerobic Digestion Certification Scheme (ADCS).
Bio Capital is pleased to announce the acquisition of Corbiere Renewables Limited from the Raynham Estate and Downing LLP.
Bio Capital were winners at the ADBA Awards in Birmingham.
A new era of waste management is upon us with the introduction of mandatory separate food waste collections across England.
Back in February 2021, Granville Eco Park marked a Northern Ireland first by introducing their ‘Smart Loop’ Lorries to their fleet.
David McKee has extended his current role at GECO to become the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) for the Bio Capital Group.
Warrens Group is lobbying local authorities in the North East to support the region in becoming leaders of household food recycling.
Black Sheep Brewery in Yorkshire has signed a three-year deal with biogas producer Warrens Group.
Granville Eco Park win the Special Recognition Award for Climate Action.
An upcoming policy shakeup could see councils across the UK making household food recycling mandatory.
The Granville Eco Park team were thrilled to celebrate a double win last month at the AD (Anaerobic Digestion) and Biogas Industry Awards 2020!
Ed Wright tells us how Granville have helped Pritchitts establish their own 'Smart Loop'.
Warrens have been working on an expansion project to increase overall energy export capacity by 42%.
Aurium Capital Markets LLP, Equitix and Helios Energy Investments have today announced the creation of Bio Capital Ltd.
Earnside Energy has completed the expansion of its food waste AD plant at Glenfarg, Perthshire, Scotland.
Earnside Energy Limited has secured a contract with Newstar Environmental Limited to process retail food waste in Scotland.
Earnside Energy’s food waste AD plant has been nominated as a finalist in the ADBA awards ceremony.