Anaerobic digestion 4.0: How smart tech is modernising the AD sector

Karan Tyagi, Head of Business Intelligence at Bio Capital

In a recent article for Business Green, Karan Tyagi, Head of Business Intelligence, talks about how Bio Capital is at the forefront of integrating leading Industry 4.0 technologies such as AI, IoT and automation across its portfolio of Anaerobic Digestion plants. These technologies will make them safer, more efficient, maximise yields and allow for real-time measurement of carbon savings. Karan also highlights AD’s proven history, emphasizing its role in the circular economy by diverting harmful carbon emitting food waste from landfills and transforming it into reliable, local, low carbon power and fuel.

Technological integration includes:

Remote access & real-time data monitoring:  the Cloud-based solution integrates with various sensors and data collection devices installed at sites. These sensors capture temperature, pressure, pH levels, gas composition, and flow rates – reporting in real time back to our experts who can control sites from afar.

Centralised data storage: the data collected from different sensors and devices is stored in a centralised cloud-based Azure database. There is no longer the need for manual data entry nor the use of multiple spreadsheets or paper-based records.

Automated data collection: we will install smart cameras at all sites on most of our meters, that will import real time readings to a cloud-based data acquisition system, eliminating all manual intervention.

Data analytics and reporting: our operational and management dashboards in a real-time app help in identifying patterns, trends, and anomalies of the site data. These are then used to optimise plant operations, improve efficiency, and identify potential maintenance requirements.

Collaboration and communication: the integration of data and analytics enable collaboration among different stakeholders involved in the operation and management of our AD plants.


Bio Capital aquires Corbiere Renewables Limited

Bio Capital is pleased to announce the acquisition of Corbiere Renewables Limited from the Raynham Estate and Downing LLP.

Bio Capital acquires Linwood transfer station to process feedstock for Scotland anaerobic digestion sites.

AD Holds The Key

A new era of waste management is upon us with the introduction of mandatory separate food waste collections across England.