A 6 Month Snapshot – Biomethane Transport Switch

Back in February 2021, Granville Eco Park marked a Northern Ireland first by introducing their ‘Smart Loop’ Lorries to their fleet. The two CNG trucks (IVECO Stralis NPs), fuelled by 100% Renewable Biomethane Gas via their on-site Fuel Point have been delivering circular products and services to customers ever since.

How did the innovative vehicles fair during their first 6 months on the road?

From February – August ’21:

Collectively, they DROVE a total of 53,511 miles.
That’s equivalent to the distance of driving around Ireland’s coastline 27 times!

By replacing diesel fuelled HGVs, they…

PREVENTED at least 86,290 kg of CO2-e from entering our atmosphere.
That’s equivalent to the annual emissions of 39 cars!

Before the introduction of our lorries, 100% of haulage requirements were met by third party companies – by August, 59% of products & services were being delivered by Biomethane fuelling.

If Granville Eco Park were a customer: Compared to diesel, opting to fuel lorries with Biomethane would have SAVED £13,890 in just 6 months.

Driver’s Verdict:

We asked our driver Mark to share his experience of the new additions to the fleet. Mark has 22 years worth of experience in driving lorries… what does he make of the Biomethane fuelled trucks’ performance?

On the Road: “From a driver’s perspective, comparing to any vehicle I’ve driven in the past I’d say they are on par. On pulling power…on the road, it’s every bit as powerful as diesel. I honestly wouldn’t notice any major, significant differences in handling. One thing is they are quieter!”

Refuelling: “When it comes to refuelling you will have them filled a bit quicker than filling a diesel which is great… at our fuelling point here on the site we’d have them filled in less than 5 minutes.”

Reassurance: “I think some people hear the word gas and think “oh… is that dangerous…?”. They seem to have that association because they’re unfamiliar with it. It’s completely safe, they should be no more worried about a tank of Biomethane than petrol or diesel. I’ve actually driven gas cars in the past too.”

Thanks to Bio Capital fuelling points in the North East of England and NI, the benefits of Biomethane are accessible to our customers.

If you’re thinking about making the switch to CNG vehicles and would like to learn more about your fuelling options, get in touch with our team today.

HGV powered by biogas from Granville Eco Park

“I think some people hear the word gas and think ‘oh… is that dangerous…?’ … It’s completely safe, they should be no more worried about a tank of Biomethane than petrol or diesel.”


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