Biofertiliser: Customers share their Organic Success

Organic, renewable PLUS excellent performance results and savings potential… Sound too good to be true?

We asked our customers to tell us their Biofertiliser story:

John Dodds, along with his son Stuart, farm 350 acres in Myroe on the outskirts of Limavady, Co.Derry. Running a mixed farm consisting of beef cattle, sheep and crops…

Q: How long have you been using our BioFertiliser Digestate?

Stuart: We are now into our 3rd season using Digestate from Granville Eco Park on our land, what had first attracted us to use it was its high nutrient content and the fact it was PAS110 certified under the fertiliser accreditation scheme.

Q: What have you been using Biofertiliser on?

Stuart: The first year we applied it onto some of our winter and spring sown crops and the grass after first cut silage, we were amazed at how quickly the crops responded with results noticeable within a week after application. Now we apply the Biofertiliser to all our crops, using a contractor with a dribble bar on an umbilical spreading system.

Q: What products were you using before using Biofertiliser and how have the two compared in terms of performance?

Stuart: Before we were using a chemical compound fertiliser. Digestate covers all the P and K requirements they have and gets them off to a great start, we now don’t buy any chemical compound fertilisers just straight nitrogen to top up the crops requirements.

Another benefit we’ve seen in applying Biofertiliser compared to chemical fertilisers are the micro nutrients and trace elements it contains.

It’s got good levels of sulphur and magnesium and also has a good alkaline PH which helps supplement our lime requirement, we find crops respond much better to the Biofertiliser compared to using chemical fertilisers.

Q: Have you had to adapt from using chemical fertiliser to the Biofertiliser, was the change an easy or difficult transition?

Stuart: It works well in our system, we have storage tanks on the farm and good lorry access which is important.

Q: How has Biofertiliser compared in terms of spreading and ease of use?

Stuart: The constituency of the Liquid Biofertiliser we receive is very good, we get regular analysis of the nutrient quality along with it and because it has a low dry matter percentage it’s very easy to spread, especially through the contractor’s umbilical system. Also, it’s useful to mix in with the cattle slurry produced on the farm rather than having to add water to it.

Tractor spraying crops with biofertiliser

“We were amazed at how quickly the crops responded with results noticeable within a week after application.”

Stuart Dodds


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